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    Few of our Latest Studies

    A Syndicated Study to Access India’s Readiness to Covid-19 Vaccination

    Several vaccines are approved against COVID-19 by the Union Ministry of Health. However, there is hardly any study to understand the general attitude & perceptions of Indians towards these vaccines. 

    Insights you’ll get 

    • Reasons for accepting or rejecting the vaccines, 
    • Preferred vaccine brand & Why 
    • Readiness towards vaccination & a lot more.

    A Syndicated Study to Understand the Impact of Covid-19 & Ensuing it’s Preventive Measures

    Since Human civilizations are continuously facing a threat for their life & livelihood, this Syndicated Study assessed the Impact and Preventive Measures among Indians about the Covid-19. 

     Insights you’ll get 

    • Most impacted aspects of life due to Covid-19
    • Financial aspects most impacted
    • Overall Lifestyle aspects most impacted
    • Preventive measure including medicines consumed by people against Covid-19
    • Measures followed to ensure well being during the pandemic

    Covid Vaccine Perception Part II – India’s readiness to get Vaccinated

    Velocity Healthcare has conducted the Part I study during W4 Jan – W2 Feb 2021 (when COVID vaccination drive was initiated in India) to assess “Impact of Covid and Perception of Covid Vaccination. So in Part II, we’ve intended to gauge the relative change in perception and preferences, if any, among people towards Covid-19 vaccination w.r.t the time when vaccination drive had just started in India (Jan/Feb 2021) vs current (May 2021)

    Insights you’ll get 

    • Assessing price perception for a per dose of a vaccine shot using “Price Sensitivity Meter technique”
    • Preference towards vaccination set-up
    • Preference towards getting vaccinated through a digital healthcare provider & more

    Understand the patient's journey map for Acidity/Heartburn/Gas

    With the second wave hitting the country, the increase in health problems such as acidity/heartburn/gastro issues has been witnessed often. With an intent to understand the difference (Pre-COVID V/S COVID) in management practices & typical patient pathway for managing these issues, Velocity Healthcare has conducted the syndicated study that covers actionable insights such as – 

    • Change in management practices & frequency of occurrence of acidity/heartburn/gas
    • Patient Journey – Causes/Triggers for acidity, Common symptoms suffered during the last episode, At what stage allopathic medication was taken & more

    Assess the patient’s journey map for Nasal Congestion/Common Cold

    Despite humanity’s long history with common cold or nasal congestion, the covid19 has affected humans resulting in various health issues, with the most common as cold. As the covid continues to circulate, some extra nasal congestion brings more worry. In order to understand Indians’ perception in dealing & managing the nasal congestion/common cold issues, Velocity Healthcare has released the Syndicated Study that covers insights – 

    • Difference in management during Pre – Covid vs. Covid times 
    • (a) Change in management practices & 

               (b) Change in frequency of occurrence 

    • Patient Journey 

    (a) Time duration of the last episode of the common cold 

    (b) At what stage allopathic medication was taken 

    (c) 1st resort/2nd resort/3rd resort measures taken & a lot more

    Digital Adoption in India Syndicated Study 2021

    Covering 8 types of different digital services/products/apps I 3 Target Groups Included

    Make strategic & tactical changes to beat others in your category through actionable insights

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    The need for healthcare insights has never been so realized ever before for marketers, manufacturers & governments. In the pursuit to help healthcare & allied services, Velocity Healthcare aims to provide reliable & actionable insights backed by quality data from proprietary healthcare panels covering 150+ medical specialties across 19+ countries & technology to add efficiency & reduce redundancies.

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