OTC Pharmaceuticals Market in India

OTC Pharmaceuticals Market in India

A research study to understand the OTC medication landscape & the factors driving the consumption of these medications

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    Research Background & Objectives

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    Dive deeper into the triggers that prompt usage of OTC medicines and their typical outcomes

    • Triggers for the usage of OTC medicines
    • Most common illnesses for which OTC medicines are purchased
    • The typical outcome of consumption of over-the-counter medicines

    What Insights will this Research Report Unearth?

    OTC Consumer Journey of Indians’ 

    • Reasons for not seeing a doctor
    • Information gathered before purchasing OTC medicine
    • Factors most influencing OTC medicine brand purchase
    • Top brand names for top 5 illnesses
    • Mode of purchase of OTC medications and interaction with a pharmacist
    • Duration to which OTC medicines are consumed & key influencing factors
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    Indians’ beliefs & attitudes toward OTC drugs 

    • Most resonating beliefs about OTC medicines
    • Benefits of OTC medicines
    • Drawbacks of OTC medicines
    • Frequency for purchase of OTC medicine in last 3 months
    • Common illnesses for which OTC medicine is purchased
    • Access to the preferred doctor
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    Illustrative Output

    Strategize and find new niches & opportunities to remain confident in your OTC business with in-depth insights

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