Assess consumers behavior towards Diabetes Management Apps in India

According to the report by Biospectrum India – India has the second largest population of diabetics, with 76 million people suffering currently. By 2025, 10% of the population is likely to be affected by diabetes.

Prioritizing your health is more crucial than ever if you have diabetes. It is a long-term treatment that can take several years or perhaps a lifetime to complete.

Humans tend to forget things or make errors while controlling their diabetes, such as binge eating, skipping exercises, omitting medicines, which makes it difficult to track & manage the activities related to diabetes management. Fortunately, patients now have access to modern technology in smartphone apps that make it easier for them to manage their blood sugar.

As technology is streamlining in India, Velocity Healthcare undertook a research study to understand Indians’ perception & attitude towards the usage of diabetic management apps across major metropolitan & non-metropolitan cities in India.

Here are some of the key areas we cover in this study-

– Awareness, adoption & category drivers/benefits

– Usage dynamics

– Expectations & future usage

– Motivators to use these apps

– Name of the apps used etc.

To understand the consumers’ experience & preferences on using diabetics management apps, request a copy of the report by filling the form.

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