Announcing the comprehensive assessment of Sunscreen Market in India


For each consumer segment/buyer group of  the sunscreen product, following will be evaluated  


◉  Attitude and behavior towards usage of sunscreen product’s


◉  Depth of awareness and knowledge that each segment possess


◉  Brand usage dynamics amongst different segments of consumers


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    Consumer Skin Type

    • Whether the users are suffering from any skin disorder
      • If YES, which one?
      • Duration of their skin problem
    • Understanding the skin type of users

    Category Usage Dynamic

    • Key triggers/reasons for using sunscreen products
    • Key benefits of using sunscreen products
    • Key influencers of using sunscreen products (e.g. dermatologist, friends, online sources, etc.)
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    Current Brand Usage

    • Most commonly used brands by each of the consumer segment
    • Satisfaction level on the brand used and reasons for dissatisfaction, if any
    • Type of sunscreen products amongst consumers (chemical vs. physical type)
    • Format, SPF, PA, Ingredients of the sunscreen brand used

    Knowledge & Awareness Level

    • Key aspects evaluated by the consumers before buying the sunscreen
      • Online reviews, Advertisements
      • Price
      • Ingredients, SPF, PA, etc.
    • Level of importance of the key parameters that finally influences the purchase of sunscreen
    • Gauging product related awareness and knowledge on
      • Ingredients
      • SPF (Sun Protection Factor) content
      • PA (Protection Grade of UVA) content
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    Discontinuation & Expectations

    • Discontinuations of any sunscreen brand, reasons for discontinuation
    • Key expectations from a sunscreen product


    For each consumer segment/buyer group of the sunscreen product, following will be evaluated  

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