Assess Indians’ Preference for Healthcare Homecare Covid Packages

Covid-19 is an unprecedented challenge to the healthcare system in India and the world. Some covid positive may be asymptomatic, while others may have mild, moderate, or even severe symptoms. Every day, new data unfolds new mysteries about the pandemic and its repercussions on lives on this planet. An alarming rise in numbers worldwide was being attributed to new variants, and the situation became bad to worst due to the crumbling healthcare infrastructure and inadequate preparedness. However, the governments did their very best to come together to support citizens in every way they can!  

About 80% of Indians experience mild or no symptoms, which implies that most recover at home under medical monitoring with healthcare homecare covid packages. 

As the central & respective state governments have released guidelines for patients’ effective management for home care or home isolations, here’s the case study to assess which aspects of a homecare healthcare package drive selection/choice among consumers in India.  

Some interesting areas covered are – 

  • Duration of the healthcare package
  • Number of doctor consultations and emergency consultation
  • Availability of home devices like pulse oximeter, thermometer, et al as part of the package
  • The overall price of the package, et al.

To know more, download the case study

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